Glenorchy Air - Lord of the Rings Two Ring Tour

Queenstown - Wanaka

Two Ring Tour – Our most popular Lord of the Rings Tour!

There are 2 options for this Tour depending on conditions on the day.

1) To the West
2) To the East

By air, see the locations for the Ithilien camp and the hilltop lookout of Amon Hen at 12 mile Delta.

Next is Nen Hithoel at Mavora Lakes, the location of settings such as The Lawn of Parth Galen, where the Fellowship landed after their voyage down the Anduin and the scene where Frodo saves Sam from drowning where they paddle across Nen Hithoel after Frodo is accosted by Boromir and they leave the fellowship.
The scene where Lurtz and his band of Uruk-hai are running through the woods tracking the fellowship was also filmed here.

The next location is the Dunharrow encampment at Greenstone station, where King Theoden rallies his troops before the battle of Pellenor fields .
After landing at Glenorchy the pilot will spend time discussing Glenorchy Airs involvement in the making of the film telling some of the stories and pointing out some of the locations from the ground.

Then we fly over the Dart River and the location for Isengard where Gandalf meets with Saruman in the garden and is later imprisoned on the top of the tower of Orthanc. From there towards Mount Earnslaw and overhead Paradise. This was the location of Lothlorien and the battle of Amon Hen where the Orcs attack the fellowship, where Boromir is struck down and where the Fellowship meet with the Lady Galadriel and Celeborn. From Paradise we fly to Pluto Peak where Gandalf fights the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad-dum, past there the Grant and Jura glaciers are visible. Scenes from the Hobbit were also filmed in this area.

Returning back towards Queenstown we fly over the Richardson mountains to view Skippers Canyon from the air. This location formed the backdrop to the Ford of Bruinen, where the Black Riders are swept away by the flood.

As we take off we climb high above the Kawarau River. This was one of the locations for the River Anduin, which the Fellowship travels down in their boats after leaving Lothlorien. The Pillars of the Kings stand out to all devotees of the film.

Further to the East we arrive at Poolburn reservoir and Rohan country.

Here you will visit the locations for the tracking of the Uruk-Hai by Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli across the plains of Rohan. The burning of the Rohan village. The meeting for the first time of Aragorn and Eomer. The dropping of the Elven brooch by Merry and Pippin, found later by Aragorn.

Returning to land at Queenstown, Deer Park Heights comes into view where the scene of the Rohan refugees escaping from Edoras was filmed.

This flight includes approximately two hours on the ground at Poolburn, there is a walk from the landing strip to view the scenery and have a close look at the sites of the filming.. Your pilot will tell you all about the making of the Trilogy as you go. (Suitable walking shoes are needed).

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