Te Urewera National Park

Bay of Plenty

Remote, rugged, immense, Te Urewera is famous for its lakes and forested beauty as well as its stormy history. Explore the stunning Lake Waikaremoana, the focus for many activities in the park, which was formed 2200 years ago by a colossal landslide that blocked the Waikaretaheke River. The lake and surrounding areas are popular with hikers, kayakers, hunters and fly-fishing enthusiasts. Near the Lake’s shores, the small settlement of Aniwaniwa offers kayak hire as well as a visitor centre, museum and accommodation. This is the starting point for several short and long walks which provide access to the lake's spectacular scenery and legendary fishing spots. Neighbouring island-dotted Lake Waikareiti offers a haven for native aquatic life. The Te Urewera protects the largest area of native forest remaining in the North Island and is home to nearly all species’ of New Zealand native birds.

Open 24 Hours
Te Kura Whenua 6249, Lake Road/SH38, Waikaremoana 4195, Te Urewera, New Zealand